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  Product Order Form
Product Order Form

Product Selection:
Ozonation Systems are not sold as complete “packages” with a standard configuration Customer has the obligation and opportunity to customize his/her system by selecting individual products which are utilized as modules to “build” the ozonation system to meet his/her own specific needs and preferences.

If you have any doubts about the correct selection of products, feel free to:

  • review detailed product information
  • request our product brochures and/or specific Product Technical Data Sheet
  • request assistance from our trained sales staff

We do not assume the responsibility:

  • for product selection errors
  • compatibility or functional errors resulting from attempts to use our accessories (designed & produced specifically for our GE and OzoneLab™ systems) with other than GE and OzoneLab™ ozone generators/systems.

Return of Products

In order to protect our company against "resourcefulness" of some individuals, and to effectively deal with loses associated with incorrect product selection and/or impulsive shopping (loses which would have to be incorporated into the cost of our products and services), our company general stand on the issue of returns is the best described as:

“You voluntarily selected and purchased the product Right Arrow you keep the product”

Due to the nature of our view outlined above, our company WILL NOT ACCEPT any product returns. Consequently, we encourage every prospect client to:
  • carefully review all relevant information about the product(s) they intend to purchase from our company.
  • to contact us repeatedly if you will need more information or data, which would allow you to make the right choice.
  • to request engineering assistance from our Technical Support Team to verify that our product will work for your targeted project/application - be prepared to provide detail application specifications (our company is strictly following and enforcing non-disclosure policy, keeping all information and data confidential).

Product Lead Time

  1. The lead time for standard "in stock" hardware & supplies is 1-2 business days per order.
  2. The production of customized OzoneLab™ hardware with options listed on our web site is usually completed in 5-10 business days.
  3. The lead time for special orders vary with the nature of the order.

...in any case, we do our best to specify the Lead Time in the quotation.

How to Order Products

We reserve the right to change our products design and pricing, to refuse to provide information about our products & services, and we also reserve the right to refuse to accept the purchase order(s).

We encourage all prospect clients to:

  • locate and carefully review information on the product(s) considered for purchase.
  • contact us repeatedly if more information or product data is needed to make the right choice.
  • familiarize themselves with our ordering policies prior to placing an order.

All orders are reviewed by trained sales representative and if there are any obvious shortfalls/mistakes in terms of a product selection and/or pricing listed, we contact the prospect client before we will accept and process the order.

We discourage clients from sending their Credit Card information over unsecured e-mail, consequently, we do not accept e-mail orders. We suggest that those interested in ordering online use our Secure Order Form.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering is available through our Online Order Page.


By Telephone

We can be reached:
E-mail: info@ozoneservices.com
Canada/USA Toll-Free: 1-866-460-2581
Direct/International: 001-403-256-022
Direct assistance: 8:30-3:30 PST / Monday - Friday
Voice mail: 24/7/365

Current Time


  • All prices are in US Dollars
  • All orders must be prepaid
Payment Options :
Orders up to US $2,750.00 can be paid by VISA, Mastercard, Discovery credit cards. Orders valued higher then US $2751.00 must be paid by TT (Direct transfer from a bank to bank), money order, bank draft, or certified check.

Fast and Convenient Accepted through our Order Form Will be subject to delays Additional fee may apply
VISA Check Mark Check Mark

Mastercard Check Mark Check Mark

Discovery Credit Card Check Mark Check Mark

American Express
Credit Card
Check Mark Check Mark

Money order
  Check Mark
Certified check
  Check Mark
Bank Money Transfer
Check Mark

TT Information:

We accept TT payments in EURO, USD$ and CAD$. TT Information is available upon request.

Shipping Information:
Our products are in operation 70 countriesworld-wide, so consequently, our office staff has accumulated an extensive experience dealing with various shipping alternatives and courier/freight service providers. We encourage all our prospect clients to discuss with us the product transportation arrangements before placing an order.

To some destinations the transport of our products may require a review of local import regulations, however, we believe it is possible to deliver our shipments to almost any location.

Air Mail: Catalogs, small components / up to 1kg (2.2Lbs) & value US $100.00
Shipped Monday through Thursday.
Express Mail: Packages up to 15 kg (33Lbs.) & value up to US $600.00
Shipped Monday through Thursday. 
UPS/standard: Packages with products valued over US $600.00
Shipped Monday and Thursdays only.

Vast majority of our products are delivered to our clients using United Parcel Service (UPS).

S & H Charge to destinations in Canada usually includes:

  • UPS / standard (ground) service
  • Insurance for a full value

S & H Charge to destinations in USA usually includes:

  • UPS / standard (ground) service
  • Insurance for a full value
  • Customs clearance fee

S & H Charge to destinations outside Canada and USA usually includes:

  • UPS / standard (ground) service
  • Insurance for full value
  • Customs clearance fee and a duty (if applicable) is a responsibility of the client.

The minimum shipping and handling charge is US $18.00.

Global Pricing Policy
Ozone Services does its best to provide quality products at a reasonable price. We advise all our distributors to follow the List Price Schedule when selling our products and to adopt very clear & transparent billing system, which will provide their client with accurate and detail information about all charges.

However, it is important to state that we co-operate with a large number of distributors in over 70 countries world-wide, therefore there will be variations in product availability, transportation cost, local tax regulations and the scope of training provided by our associates and will be reflected in the final price quoted for our equipment.

Global Pricing Policy Outlines:

  • Prices listed on our web site must be honored by all distributors
  • Each client must receive from the distributor a paper copy invoice with charges clearly listed for all individual products, as well as charges for services rendered.
  • Any additional charges (if applicable) must be clearly and individually listed on the invoice - for example, charges for:
    • transport
    • taxes
    • duty
    • customs charges
    • personal delivery
    • personal training
    • personal hardware setup assistance
    • etc.

Please notify us immediately if you find that our equipment is being quoted or sold for higher than the official List Prices published on our web site.

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